-YETI Coolers
-The North Face
-Free People Clothing
-Danner Boots
-NEMO Equipment
-Granola Products
-Mutt Industries Advertising
-Wolfe and Packe Clothing
-The Matts Productions
-Wild West Fan Co. (Movie Set Stills)
-Fruit of the Garden (Movie Set Stills)

Photos used by:
-Climbing Magazine
-Patagonia Outdoor Clothing and Gear
-Penguin Random House (Back cover of Tommy Caldwell's The Push)
-Monster Children Magazine
-Stay Wild Magazine


Bryson is an outdoor sports enthusiast who uses photography to capture the moments he treasures. He graduated from Loyola Marymount University with a degree in Philosophy, a discipline that informs his worldview and ideology each and every day. Though he mostly shoots the sports he partakes in (climbing, backpacking, surfing, slacklining, skiing, and more), he has also been hired to do set stills for movies, portraits, lifestyle shoots, and much more. He is very interested in documenting how humans interact with the world and each other, and his photos are a reflection of that desire.

Outside of photography, Bryson works full time in the outdoor industry and interns/volunteers with Fibershed, a non-profit seeking to close the clothing supply chain and localize all commerce to create a more sustainable world. Bryson also has a passion for Catholicism, environmental philosophy, the outdoor industry, and traveling. If it weren’t for student loans, Bryson would be living out of a van with a Jack Russell Terrier.